Our Egg Supplier

Clarence Court eggs are a reminder of an earlier era, when taste and wellness come naturally. That's why today, they are the most superior eggs in Britain, encapsulating those bygone qualities and offering a reassuring continuity that is instantly comforting and satisfying.

Their Beginning

In 1928, Clarence Elliot brought jungle fowl back from Patagonia to Gloucestershire. Clarence's rare birds were crossbred to create pedigree hens, and generations later, they still lay superlative, courful, hard-shelled eggs with the most ezquisite, deep golden yolks. 

90 years of caring have gone into their fabulous birds, ensuring they enjoy the pinnacle of health and welfare.

Clarence Court birds are never rushed, laying at their own natural slow speed, which results in the beautifully distinctive, richer eggs.

Egg-quisite Care

Roaming free on acres of England's green and pleasant land, their birds graze on the best maize enriched diet, carefully formulated to include wheat, sunflower, seashell, soya, paprika and marigold, from dawn until dusk.