Our Cheese Supplier

Godminster was born from a passion for organic farming and wildlife conservation and has become an integral business in Bruton, Somerset and part of the renaissance of the town.

Their Beginning

In 1993, Richard Hollingbery bought Godminster Farm and in 1999, the farm was certified organic by the Soil Association. The farm now boasts 1,300 acres of beautiful landscape and is home to 320 dairy cows.

As a thank you gift to his friends and neighbours for helping him during the organic certification process, Richard made his first cheddar. Once they tasted it, it soon became clear that cheese-making would be the way forward using his cow's milk.

Award-Winning Produce

Godminster's Vintage Organic Cheddar has gone from strength to strength, winning numerous awards at prestigious cheese shows across the world.

The sustainable and wholesome life the cows experience allow them to produce a deliciously creamy milk- and is a major contributor to the distinctive taste of their award-winning Godminster cheese. Shop now and try it for yourself today!