The First Jam (1885)

After Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone commended fruit preserving to the British population, Arthur Charles Wilkin founded the Britannia Fruit Preserving Company in 1885.

This produced the first "Tiptree" branded preserves, with all production sold that year to a merchant who shipped it to Australia.

10 years later, 400 seasonal pickers were annually harvesting 200 tons of fruit, of which half was turned into jam and preserves.

Their Growth (1900s)

By 1906, the company reformed as Wilkin & Sons and owned 800 acres of land on farms in Tiptree, Tollesbury and  Goldhanger - producing 300 tons of fruit per year and making 10 tonnes of Strawberry jam per day.

In 1911, the company was awarded their Royal Warrant for preserves and marmalades - which they continue to hold to this day.

During World War I, production was halted due to a lack of essential supplies. But by 1922, and now owning 1,000 acres of farmland across eight farms, the company was creating new record outputs of fruit and preserves.

During World War II, the company came under the reins of the Ministry of Food, producing its preserves alongside other essential food products.

Present Day (2010 onwards)

Over the years, Wilkin and Sons has continued to grow, becoming the infamous brand it is today. In 2010, it celebrated its 125th anniversary, highlighted by a visit from HM Queen Elizabeth II. 

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