Sustainability & Ethical Procurement Policy


At Gibson & Bruce our Ethical supply chain policy seeks to cover the ethical issues and social responsibility within supply chains when managing business to business supplier relationships and the purchasing of goods and services from our suppliers.
Upholding the principles of this policy is a shared responsibility between Gibson & Bruce and its suppliers and the policy will be implanted at senior and director level within the company. Gibson & Bruce expects its suppliers to assign and accept similar responsibility. All Gibson & Bruce staff involved in the procurement of goods and services have a responsibility to be aware and have a thorough understanding of the ethical issues referred to in this policy.
Our sustainability objective is to ensure a continuous improvement in procurement decisions measured against delivering sustainable and ethical trading. More specifically, we seek to avoid adverse social and environmental impact in the supply chain, the reduction of environmental impact from service operations and the purchase of products that meet recognised environmental standards. We do this through seeking information from each supplier and asking for 3rd party accreditations to support.
Our ethical objective is to ensure that people in the supply-chain are treated with respect and have rights regarding employment including the rights to freely choose employment, freedom of association, payment of a living wage, working hours that comply with national laws, equal opportunities, recognised employment relationship, freedom from intimidation and to a safe and healthy working environment. Our Modern Slavery Policy sets out the systems and controls that we have in place to identify, understand, and prevent risk of slavery or human trafficking in our business and Supply Chain.